Any Time Now


We are nearing the end of a number of adventures. Adventures like pregnancy, construction and apartment living, all good things!I’ve been asked how I feel about pregnancy as a whole; am I “someone who loves being pregnant, or am I someone who hates it?” I’ve thought about it and I think I fall solidly in the middle. It was an adventure that I yearned for, I really wanted to experience it and am so glad I ..continued

Help Us Pack Our Hospital Bag


We are getting very close to the pregnancy finish line (we’re closing in on 38 weeks already!). We’ve started packing bags for the hospital, and there is no shortage of things that various sites are telling us we should bring. The trouble is, we just moved, and don’t really feel the need to do it again – some of these lists basically involved bringing everything you own to the hospital.

Parents – what items did you bring that were most helpful, ..continued

Rapid-fire updates

Rapid fire Pink Nurf

It has been a while since we’ve posted, life has been absolutely crazy lately.  I’ll try to get you up to speed quickly with a bulleted list:

We’re at 34 weeks – in the final stretch
We’ve changed doctors a few times, though not really by choice.  Everything is fine and everyone is healthy.  A separate post might be useful to explain this in more detail.
At our last ultrasound at ~31 weeks, Scarlett (oh, did we mention that we’re naming her Scarlett?) ..continued

25 Weeks

I’m past the 6 month mark, and now it’s starting to feel like it went so fast.  I feel the baby everyday and I am loving that reassurance.  It’s been a busy past few weeks with the holidays and our goodbyes to Grandpa Musal.  We have kept really busy within those weeks and don’t see much of our time before baby slowing down anytime soon.   It’s still crazy to think that in April (hopefully no sooner) our little girl will ..continued

20 Weeks – Cribs

White girl's crib

We have made it half way!  It’s hard to believe that 5 months have passed, and everything is going so well.

Over the passed couple of weeks, cribs were on the agenda. Of course I can’t be easy and fall in love with every crib I see… No it’s more complicated than that!  I think the real problem was that I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in a crib and finding the one I had envisioned was ..continued

The Virtues of a uni-tasker


We haven’t posted an update recently. My grandfather has been quite ill and in the hospital, and that has been consuming quite a bit of our time. Work has also been pretty busy lately, and it seems like the days are very short.

Other than that however, things are going pretty well. Tara has been looking at cribs and bedding recently. I can tell she is hoping that I’ll get more involved in the research and planning for the “things” that ..continued

All is Well

Thursday night I had my monthly routine pregnancy checkup.   I am extremely happy to report that our little girl is growing at the perfect rate!  Or due date is right on target,  all the testing I have completed has been nothing but great.  I am feeling so lucky and happy to know that everything is going so smoothly.  I hope this trend continues!

4 1/2 months down.  :-)

Dad Jokes

I found a new subreddit today dedicated to the terrible, unfunny, and always corney dad jokes. Most of them make me cringe, but many of them are right along the lines of some of the ‘jokes’ I’ve been telling for years.  I look forward to being able to fully embrace the anti-jokes that make kids cringe.

A few of my favorites include:

“Dad, I’m hungry.”

“Hello Hungry, I’m dad.”

“Dad, I’m serious.”

“I thought you were Hungry?”

“You’re kidding me.”

“No, I’m dad.”


Dad was driving; I was ..continued

Where to spend money, and where to hold back?


Since this is our first child, we are in the market for pretty much everything a micro-sized human being will need.  This lack of hand-me-downs and things in storage makes me wonder where the money would be best spent.

I think there are some things where the general consensus is the cheaper the better; and other things where the money is well worth it.

As an adult, I hold the theory that anything that goes between me and the ground is probably ..continued